The last day of @glamnailschallenge #glamnailschallengefeb is Marble, and all month long I’ve been thinking to muse self, “heck yeah! I’m going to branch out and attempt water marbling again!” Aaaaand then today got here and I went, “ehhh, maybe not.” So, drag marbling it is. Which was fun because I’ve never done it before. . . . . @cultcosmetics Venice Beach and Avalon @sweetandsourlacquer Gloss Sauce . . . . #nailart#nails#nailsofinstagram#manicure#nailartcult#naildesign#nailswag#naildesigns#nailartaddict#nailfeature#nailpolish#nailstagram#dopenails#nailartclub#instanails#instagood#fearlessnailartfeature#beautylovers#nailartjunkie#nailstamping#nailartist#nailsoftheday#discoverunder2k#UberChic0to10k#love#kozynails#marblenails#dragmarble#drymarble


My @narsissist Haul from NYC 😍 @narsissist really had me asking them to take all my money with these new products! I mean look at how beautiful the Afterglow eyeshadow palette and Overlust cheek palette are! When I first saw them, I had to buy them ASAP. I really REALLY love the Overlust cheek palette, I’m obsessed with cream/liquid highlighters, and this new formula in the palette is what dreams are made off, it’s like a gel cream hybrid that is super light in texture and gives such a dewy wet glow to the skin! The shades are also PERFECT! As for the blushes, you can’t go wrong with the @narsissist blush formula, and these shades are stunning, I love peach tones and anything that looks like a ‘sunkissed burn’ on the cheeks. The Afterglow eyeshadow palette is beautiful aswell, I love the different textures and formulas in it, plus the shades are so beautiful, it’s bronze, gold, pink goodness! Also, @narsissist released the Tinted Glow Boosters, which really reminds me of the @ctilburymakeup Hollywood Flawless Filter! It has less of a wet glow impact than the @ctilburymakeup one, but I love it! I love the formula, it’s very lightweight and smooth on the skin, almost feels kinda cooling?! It blends very seamlessly, and gives a beautiful natural glossy glow. I use it as a liquid highlighter in the cheek bones, but this would look incredible under or mixed with foundation. Might be better for oiler skin mixed/under foundation than the Flawless Filter. @narsissist also released 10 new blush shades, and they all are stunning! This shade, Orgasm D, really caught my eyes, it’s a burnt coral shade, deeper and less pink, more orange/coral than OG Orgasm, plus, the formula is a lot smoother and has no chunky shimmer. It’s a perfect burnt sunkissed cheeks shades and I’m in love! Definitely want to pick up another one of the new shades, maybe a neutral nude one. Overall, @narsissist continues to get me excited over new launches, and they really killed it this time! I recommend getting it all 👌🏼😂 (sorry for the long post, I’m just so excited by all these products haha)


#benestem has one simple goal, to enable #beautylovers to have healthy skin ths resulting in a healthier life! 😘⁠ ⁠ (📷: @benestem_official)⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #akoco #foryourflawlessday #akocofam #kbeauty #beauty #teamakoco


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